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    The Moroccan Agency for Tourism  Development was created as part of the state means of intervention restructuration to better meet the sectors development requirements in Morocco.

    Createby the 10-07 law published in the Official Journal of the 13th December 2007, SMIT is a public capital corporation under the authority of Ministry of Tourism.

    SMIT's mission is the implementation and the development of the tourism product strategy through the definition, the placement, the execution and the monitoring of touristic projects.

    To achieve those objectives and meet the challenges imposed by the implementation of the "Vision 2020" strategy, SMIT masters the tourism chain product development from the conception to the contracting with targeted partners.

    An integrated all the links in the chain of the tourism product development mastery :

    • Product Engeneering:
    • Mastering of product concepts
    • Track record and an expertise in financing packages and business plans
    • An expertise on conducting study and tourism product development guides

    Projects placement :

    • A strong reputation with partners and professionals
    • A mastering of the national tourism strategy and strong contacts with the most important investors  
    • Mastering of the country with ability to advise spontaneous investors
    • Mastering of exhibitions participations
    • Ability to solve all governmental and administrative problems
    • Mastering the Call for Tenders process

    Project implementations and monitoring :

    • A participatory approach with local partners to ensure the respect of the territorial positioning and the right implementation of the Vision 2020
    • Creation of local partners networks to monor and implement projects (Regional commission, Monitoring and steering committees…)
    • Follow up with private operators and local authorities
    • Acquire experience in terms of project follow up and realization

    Tourism Project valorization :

    • Contribution in the capital of the structuring projects of the Vision 2020 (Saidia, SMVK…)
    • Agadir and Tanger land assets development
    • Development and commercialization of touristic sites

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